In 2017 I retired. Then time became available for new experiences and hobbies. I prefer to travel. But a long-gone talent also surfaced, namely drawing (and painting). I discovered an advertisement from OKRA for an introductory series of painting led by Marie France Geuens from Bree. It became five fun evenings in which it became clear that my talent was still there. What’s more, apparently I also had my own style.


I kept painting at a pace of about 1 work per month because I didn’t want any extra pressure, it had to remain a hobby and it had to remain fun.

In 2021 I followed a series of abstract painting lessons with Martin Oluwadiran because I wanted to learn that technique and also wanted to know more about the use of colors and contrast. I did indeed learn a different style and now I also use different colors and more contrast in my works.

Now 2022, I am taking a watercolor painting course in Sint-Lambrechts-Herk because I also want to learn those techniques. This is new to me and I will eventually have to learn to choose whether I will work with acrylic, oil paint or watercolor or other techniques.

Fortunately I can draw well and drawing is the basis of a good painting. I’ve had that drawing since I was very young. I think my daughter Katrien (from branding agency Lex & Turner) inherited that from me.

The future

I hope to be able to draw and paint for a long time in our own country, but also abroad because the travel bug still has me well. But you can also easily draw and paint abroad, so that is certainly no problem.