The Herkenrode abbey site

Herkenrode Abbey, a former monastery for Cistercian women with abbey farm and farm buildings, is located on the southern bank of Demer in Kuringen, a borough of the city of Hasselt in Belgian Limburg. The whole is located in the middle of a forest and agricultural landscape that has been protected since 1974, and is accessible along two lanes.

Herkenrode is derived from the Celtic word arika, diminutive of ara (meaning river) on the one hand, and red meaning open, cleared place in a forest on the other hand. Herkenrode therefore stands for an open place near a stream.


So … finally … my first real exhibition. I have been painting for 5 years now as a pastime, have followed some courses and try to find my own style both within the abstract and the figurative world.

From April 9 to 24, 2022 I will be participating in the exhibition “Burnt, but not broken”, which is already the seventh edition. This exhibition takes place in the gatehouse of the Herkenrode abbey site, Herkenrodeabdij 4, 3511 Hasselt. The exhibition is open every day (except Monday) from 1 pm to 5 pm. I would be delighted if you would take the time to visit the exhibition and leave a comment on the website via the contact form.

About 90 artists from different origins and backgrounds participate in the exhibition “Burnt, but not broken” – “Discovery – Discovery – Découverte” with paintings, ceramics, metal, wood, photography, drawings, assemblage, stone and glass.

Meter of the project: Hilde Claes
Peter of the project: Emiel Knaepen

Information and contact:
Martin Oluwadiran 0476626958 or
Jo Schreurs 0474405027 or

Participants list

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